Everyday's A Holiday



Mel's songwriting is firmly rooted in the British tradition and displays a fine combination of melodic energy and northern harmony. 

He has written music & song for the Frank Cottrell Boyce Radio 4 play - The Believers. He has also written for television creating the opening title track 'The Beautiful North' for a six part ITV social history doc about Merseyside called 'Tales From The Riverbank'.

He fronted the band Mercury 13 and released two singles on the Cooking Soup Label, Searchlight and Cities and Satellites.

Mel now offers his first solo recording in the shape of 'Everyday's A Holiday' - a six track EP infused with jazz-folk flavours and a huge touch of all things Merseyside.

Mel's philosophy is 'avoid getting onto others coat tails and make your own coat'. Everyday's A Holiday is very much Mel Bowen's own coat.